What Can You Do With Ethereum?

With Ethereum you can fund your online casino account. There are several similarities between Ether and other cryptocurrencies, not the least of which is that they can be used at online betting and casino sites to play real money games.

There is an increasing number of online casinos and sites accepting Ether, and there are some exclusive sites that only accept this cryptocurrency for payments, totally banning the traditional FIAT currency options.

What Bonus Offers Will You Get At Casinos With Ethereum?

Playing slots or casino games with Ethereum can make you eligible for some specific bonuses and promotions at supporting online casinos. All you need to do is deposit using ETH, and you will claim these bonuses.

Welcome Bonus: You are provided a fantastic welcome bonus at casinos with ETH. The welcome bonus is the most popular bonus. It is freely given after the completion of registration. With a welcome bonus, you can get to try different games even before you make your first deposit. This is because most casinos with ETH do not require you to deposit before you receive your first bonus.

Free Spins: At casinos with Ethereum you also get free spins or bonus spins that are quite attractive. It can be acquired by various means which include deposit or welcome bonuses. The platform where bonus spins usually get to win is the slot machine. If this occurs, the slot machines spin continually at no cost. For trending huge rewards, bonus spins are some of the factors players watch out for.

How to Get Ethereum?

Ether (ETH) is the currency that is offered on the Ethereum platform, and it is being bought and sold as a commodity as well as being used as a currency itself.

To get ETH and fund your casinos with Ethereum account you first need is to open a wallet that is designed to hold all your cryptocurrencies. There are many wallets available on the market today and the most popular ones are:

  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • CEX.io
  • Bittrex
  • CoinMama
  • Kraken


Simply go to their websites on mobile or desktop and enter your personal information, and open yourself an account. There is going to be a verification process that may involve a phone call, so be prepared to complete this verification before you can buy your Ether.

You are going to fund your wallet with regular currency, which you can do from your bank or credit card. The funding option you choose may very well have a limit attached to it.

When you have created an account, you will be prompted to enter your FIAT banking information. This will allow you to move your cryptocurrency back and forth to your traditional bank account.

Your wallet will give you many options for the cryptocurrency you are able to purchase. All you have to do is search for Ether, and when you find it, select the amount you want to buy and complete the transaction. Once that is done, you will see your balance in your wallet account.

How To Make A Deposit With ETH At Casinos With Ethereum?

To make a deposit with ETH at Casinos with Ethereum you first need to find an online casino that accepts Ethereum as a payment option.

<<Find such legit and reliable casinos here>>

After the formalities of joining the casino, you need to head to the cashier section. There, you will find the payment options, which will include Ether.

When you choose that payment method, you will be directed to a site that will connect you to the casino via the Ethereum blockchain.

Here, you can select how much you want to deposit with the site, and follow few prompts, and soon your account will be funded with Ethereum.

What Games Can You Play At Casinos With Ethereum?

At Casinos, with Ethereum you can play different Ethereum games. Following are the most popular games that you can find at casinos with Ethereum.

1. Ethereum Slots

Slots are popular games at casinos with Ethereum. You can enjoy classic 3 reel slots or 5 reel slots. Also, there are tens of progressive jackpot slots too that you can play with this cryptocurrency.

2. Ethereum Table Games

Table Games are also popular casino games like slots to be found at casinos with Ethereum.  Blackjack, which is a game of collecting twenty-one points. Blackjack is a casino game between players and the dealer. To win, you have to get as close to 21 points as possible. If you reach a higher score than the dealer without going over 21, you are the winner.

Roulette is a casino game where you spin the little wheel, as the game’s name in French goes. You can choose to place bets on single numbers, number combinations, or for example red or black numbers.

Depending on the wheel result, you can win up to 35 to 1 payout depending on the Roulette type. Practically all of the casinos with Ethereum offer you many variations of this old classic game.

3. Ethereum Poker

Poker is a 5 card game that combines skill, strategy, and gambling. Depending on the variant, poker games can include betting rounds. In video poker you have the opportunity to discard one or more cards in exchange for new cards hoping to get a better hand. Almost all of the casinos with Ethereum offer Poker games to play.

4. Ethereum Dice

Dice is a traditional game where you throw usually a six-sided die in the highest number possible or some special combination depending on the dice game. For example, craps and Sic Bo are some of the popular dice games.

In the cryptocurrency gaming world some dice games have the goal of guessing if the number is over or under some chosen number. The payout is given on the basis on the probability of the correct prediction.

5. Ethereum sports

There is a lot of different sports to choose like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Boxing, Volleyball, Handball, Cycling, Curling, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon and of course Ethereum e-sports betting!

What Are The Best Ethereum Wallets?

Here are the best exchanges to convert your FIAT currency like USD to Ethereum. These exchanges offer good rates and low fees. Note that you don’t have to get Bitcoins first because both exchanges offer ETH / USD rates.

  1. Coinbase
  2. Bitstamp

Ethereum Exchanges where you can change Bitcoins (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies to Ethereum (ETH).

Best Ethereum Wallets

You can store Ethereum in either physical hardware wallets or desktop/web wallets.  In general, you shouldn’t store bigger amounts of ETH in an Ethereum casino, at least for a long time. The safest wallet is the one that you are in control of yourself, like the web wallets or hardware wallets.

Hardware Wallets

The physical hardware device is the safest choice, especially for bigger amounts of Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. For that, you can use Ledger Nano S, where you can store all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash.

Desktop or Web Wallets for Windows, OSX or Linux

You can store your cryptocurrency like Ethereum in Exchanges, but the best and safest way is to get your own Ethereum Wallet. Here’s few trusted software desktop listed:


Mobile Wallets for Android and iOS

These wallets are for Android and IOS mobile devices:

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet (Google Play store)

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet (search in AppStore)

You can even search for the best Eth wallets and exchanges at Google or find them at Reddit or Bitcoin Forums.

Advantages of casinos with Ethereum

  • Casinos with Ethereum are safe and secure. Everything you do on the Ethereum blockchain, including using Ether as a payment method, is completely encrypted, meaning your information cannot be compromised. Casino sites will not have access to any of your payment information.
  • The transactions using the Ethereum platform compared to other payment methods take far less time to complete, meaning you will get your money faster when you process a withdrawal.
  • Because of the digital nature of the transactions, Ether payments cost players far less if anything at all to process, allowing you to keep even more of your winnings.
  • The secure nature of Ether drastically lowers the possibility of fraud, so players who use the currency are more likely to be given higher betting limits as well as deposit and withdrawal limits.

Disadvantages of using Ethreum

  • Few online casinos with Ethereum can be found.
  • There can be rogue casinos with Ethereum which can be a fraud
  • These new cryptocurrencies have real-world value, and they are currently being traded the same way you would a traditional stock. The rapid growth of the industry sent prices of Ethereum on a roller coaster, so not only are you going to be punting with Ether at a poker table, but you are also using on the value of the currency when you decide to buy and sell it on the open market.