Casinos with Ripple- What is ripple and how to buy this digital currency to play slots

Ripple Casinos

Bitcoin is most popular digital currency now at casinos and you can easily make a deposit with BTC, grab BTC bonuses and play slots. But there are many other digital currencies that are growing fast. One of latest bitcoin competitors is ripple and it only costs a bit over $2 per coin. Ripple is bit different than many other popular cryptocurrencies because it was created by a private, for-profit company that is still the biggest individual owner of the currency.

Before you learn about online casinos that offer Ripple here are few things you first need to understand about this currency.

While Ripple belongs to the category of cryptocurrencies, its purpose is different from that of Bitcoin or Ethereum. While Bitcoin is a payment method and Ethereum is a multifunctional platform for decentralized SmartContracts, Ripple is a decentralized solution for banks and financial institutions that is fast (4 seconds) and scalable (1,000 transactions per second). Ripple acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions.

Few facts to understand Ripple

Ripple Casinos to play slots

  • Ripple Coin is a digital currency, whereas Ripple is an entire system (Internet protocol) used for cross-border financial transactions. The XRP is the symbol for Ripple Coin, just as BTC is the symbol for Bitcoin.
  • Ripple was actually the brainchild of two Bitcoin evangelists who very early on saw the shortcomings of the existing cryptocurrencies.
  • Ripple is an open payment network that enables reliable cross-border currency transfers. The network is aptly named Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) and the digital currency is called Ripple (XRP). The goal of the Ripple system is to enable people to do away with insane transaction fees and processing delays.
  • While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies sought to displace financial institutions using blockchain technology, this “different player” rests its strategy on revolutionizing financial services. In fact, Ripple’s intrinsic value is boosted because of this disruptive strategy.
  • Ripple wants to do for money what the Internet did for all other forms of information. In fact, that was the ultimate goal for the people who invented Ripple.
  • The most outstanding feature of the Ripple protocol is that it is immediate and distributed. By getting rid of the middleman, the system cuts out all the cost of sending cash electronically.
  • The advantage of Ripple is that the system is geared to exchange various currencies (including Bitcoin). So whatever currency you have can be converted into any other form of currency. You can trade dollars for yuan, Bitcoin for pounds, and so on and so forth.
  • Ripple settles payments in four seconds. Compare that to the two-minutes-plus that Ethereum boasts of and the one-hour-plus that Bitcoin averages around, and you’ll know why this is clearly going to be the cryptocurrency of the future.
  • The 1,500 transactions per second that XRP handles 24/7 is just a fraction of its potential. It can scale up to 50,000 transactions per second. This is a huge leap from Ethereum’s 15 transactions per second and Bitcoin’s three-to-six transactions per second.
  • Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it has a five-year track record of stable technology and governance maintained by a dedicated team of world-class engineers. The system operates on negligible energy consumption, and since its inception, all of its ledgers closed without issue.

Benefits of playing at Casinos with Ripple

Ripple Casino

Ripple casinos offer very low cost of transactions. It is 0.00001 XRP now, while 1 XRP is about $1 at the current rate. This fee can increase only in case of network overload. But you can play at lowest fees.

As said above it offers fast transfers. This is where the “centralization” of Ripple proves its worth, enabling people to make payments in a few seconds. Since there no need to solve math problems and add transactions to blocks, it makes transfers a lot easier as opposed to traditional cryptocurrencies.

You can exchange your local currency for any other by means of XRP. There will be a minimum fee.

With bitcoin bridge a user can put money to a BTC-wallet, using almost any currency possible. There would be no need in using exchanges that charge their commission fees. In other words, you can send bitcoins without de facto buying them.

  • Super-fast system transactions hint at making deposits and withdrawing money from XRP-casino accounts being no less fast.
  • The cheap cost of transfers allows putting money at any convenient time, while also sending the amounts you want.
  • While the transaction info is public, payment data are not available for viewing. By doing so, Ripple keeps your identity private.
  • Even if you are unbanked, you still can send funds via Internet by using XRP.
  • Your local money does not have enough currency pairs, you still can use it to make a deposit at cryptocurrency casino by using Ripple.
  • Even though XRP-tokens haven’t been intended to be an investment object, their price does tend to surge nicely because of efforts and long-term plans of the developers.

Casinos that accept Ripple

As like Bitcoin start ups at casinos very few online casinos accepted BTC but now almost all the casinos offer BTC to players. Similarly as this  virtual currency are not very known in the crypto-gambling industry so few online casino offer Ripple to play slots, poker, roulette, dice, and other games.

Ripple Casinos- allows you to play electronic gambling machines, as well as place bets using XRP in 9 kinds of sports and virtual games like horse race. This online casino has progressive jackpots and Provably Fair algorithm activated.

The first XRP-deposit brings 100% bonus in poker. The portal is a partner of Winning Poker Network, so its users have access to the largest Ripple poker room.

Apart from poker, some gambling entertainments are available live: these are roulette (including auto version), blackjack, keno, baccarat, and lottery.

When you join the casino for the first time you are eligible for ripple XRP 100% first deposit bonus which is followed by a 50% second deposit bonus and to finish it off 25% third deposit bonus!

Ripple XRP 100% first deposit poker bonus is also available. Deposit XRP at Ripple Casino, Sportsbook, Poker, Dice, Community & Affiliate Program today!

Lucky Games- Ripple Casino

On, you can spend and increase your XRP bankroll in such games as dice, roulette, “balls”, “cells”, and “hacker”. Players get 99% of their winnings, so the house edge is 1%. The minimum bet is one satoshi, while the maximum one is 5000 XRP.

This Ripple casino also enables checking the results’ fairness thanks to the Provably Fair system. There is an interesting feature called RainBot that randomly gives away cryptocurrency for those who are active in the chat.

This resource allows you to become a VIP user. You can buy this status, win it in a contest, or get in the chat. Such users can activate the faucet, get more coins from RainBot, and see the gains of other gamblers.


Ripplecasinos is another fully Ripple-based casino. Ripple video poker gaming selection consists of popular machines like Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Bonus Deluxe, Joker Poker, Bonus Deuce, and many more. Multi-hand version machines are also available.

Find your way to some of the highest limits XRP roulette games on the blockchain. Ripple roulette styles available at include Zoom, American, Common Draw and European.

The provably fair dice comes with all of the latest features for maximum convenience. Players have the ability to pick between their winning probability, low or high, and other basic tweaks. Verification of randomness is possible thanks to the provably fair feature.

Ripple casino poker games include fun tables like Pai Gow, 3 Card Rummy, Poker3 Heads Up Hold’Em and many more. is currently offering a nice range of deposit bonuses  you can get XRP 100% first deposit bonus, XRP 50% second deposit bonus and XRP 25% third deposit bonus. All of the bonuses come with a rollover requirement.

Besides these best Ripple casinos you can also play at; coinbet24 and few others.

How to buy Ripple?

How to buy Ripple to play slots at online casinos

Ripple is not available in popular apps such as Coinbase. So first you need to create an account with a Ripple exchange

Only some of ripple’s recommended exchanges include support for buying Ripple with the U.S. dollar, which would be the easiest way. You can try the exchange called Bitsane or try using Binance.

Setting up an account is easy, and the main page has all sorts of information on current exchange prices for trading between various cryptocurrencies. It also lets you send and receive currency from other apps, such as Coinbase, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Buy bitcoin or ether

Now you’ll need to buy another cryptocurrency: either bitcoin or ether (the cryptocurrency associated with the Ethereum blockchain). It’s annoying that you need to do this extra step, but unfortunately it’s the easiest way to move forward.

You can use Coinbase to buy ether and bitcoin. It’s easy to use and you can buy it using the U.S. dollar, either through a linked bank account or debit card. Next, you’re going to move the ether you own in Coinbase over to the Bitsane platform so you can use it to buy ripple.

  • Click “Balances” on the top of the Bitsane page.
  • On the “Ethereum” line, select “Deposit.”
  • The page will generate a special address. Copy it.
  • Open Coinbase on your phone or computer.
  • Tap Accounts
  • Tap “ETH wallet”
  • Tap the “Send” icon on the top right. It looks like a paper airplane.
  • Choose how much you want to send.
  • Enter the address you copied from Bitsane.
  • Click Send.

You’ll pay a small fee and it should arrive in your Bitsane account within 30 minutes.

  • Now that your ether is in your Bitsane account, you can use it to buy ripple.
  • On the top of the page, select the XRP/ETH exchange. This allows you to buy ripple using ether, and shows you the buy orders (bids), sell orders (asks), and current trades.
  • Choose how much you want to buy. Under order type, select “market” and then choose your order size (how many ripple coins you want to buy.)
  • You can see how much ripple you now own under balances.
  • As with most cryptocurrencies, you’re taking a bet here on whether the value is going to increase or decrease. But unlike bitcoin, you can actually buy several of these at once without spending too much money.

How to get started at Ripple Casino

Like any other online casino you need to register yourself and open your casino account

Before putting funds into casino’s account, you should get Ripple money somehow. It is not difficult, but you would need to register an account on some crypto-exchange. You can choose one from the list on the Ripple’s official website.

After the registration, you will get access to currency exchange. Choose a convenient currency pair and a nice rate, and then place an order to buy. That being done, you are able send your XRP to a Ripple casino’s address.

Also  if you’ve been using faucets or can get this crypto on your wallet in some other way, you can transfer funds immediately from this very account.

Here are some working Ripple faucets:; By using them, you can earn some XRP to try out games in a certain casino.