10 super duper tips that will save you from Bitcoin gambling scam

10 super duper tips to avoid Bitcoin gambling scam

There are numerous online casinos now that offer Bitcoin gambling. Before you jump into these casinos to play slots, poker or live casino you need to warn yourself that there may be Bitcoin gambling  scam at these sites. You will ask what Bitcoin scam. Well the online casino you might have choose to play with Bitcoins (BTC) or even with Litecoins (LTC) might be a scam. You must have heard these terms ‘Blacklisted casinos’ or Fraud casinos. These casinos are those online sites that do offer fantastic online games to enjoy with digital currency but when it comes to withdrawal or cash out your winnings these casinos will not pay you. This is the scam that is most often feared by players.

While it is true that Bitcoin gambling offers numerous advantages, it is also wiser to be extra cautious in taking few smart steps in this rewarding domain. It is important to keep in mind that in every industry, not everyone plays by the rules.

In this instance, not only bitcoin players and operators are taking advantage, but also rogue businesses. The worst situation that can happen to any player is fall in a Bitcoin Gambling Scam,

But not to worry just relax as there are ways to find out which casino is a scam or doing BTC gambling scam. All you need is to follow the 10 super duper tips that will save you from Bitcoin gambling scam.

  1. When you enter the Bitcoin casino always read terms and conditions before taking part in any of the games.
  2. Always read reviews about the Bitcoin casinos to view its reputation and standing in the eyes of the players who had firsthand experience with the gambling platform. A sufficient number of websites and forums that provide such information are readily available and free to access.
  3. Check if the site has received complaints or allegations of being a scam. If the site has been blacklisted, then beware. This is possible through visiting watchdog sites that specialize in Bitcoin casinos.
  4. Bitcoin casinos that offer bonuses and promotions are a-dime-a-dozen. Don’t be blinded and fooled by these. Some are even too good to be true. Some are just dragnets for you to fall in their scam.
  5. Also initiate a chat session at the casino before you even open your account and see to it that customer support responds to all of your needs with urgency. In few instances when I initiated the chat the help staff wanted me first to make a deposit rather than give me the information I wanted. So beware.
  6. Slow pay for countries where online gambling is not legalized may be common. But it can also be an indication for scam. Test small amount of bitcoins first to see the quality of service, especially in the withdrawal process.
  7. Bitcoin casinos employ software providers. Make sure that the site uses a reputable one that promotes fair casino software. In the case of proprietary sites, refer to number one and two.
  8. It is mandatory for all reputable casinos to be licensed within the jurisdiction where business is conducted. Check with support team or go down below the footer of the casino home page and read their gaming jurisdictions and licenses as well as other certifications. Hope they are genuine.
  9. Check the payment options and study how much to deposit in BTC and how much can you withdraw and the time the casino says to payout you. Whether the casino pays you in BTC or in other currency that is not friendly in your country.
  10. Check the number of years the particular online BTC casino has been in market. New bitcoin casinos or dice gambling sites are the most likely to turn out to be a scam. They have no reputation or history, so you are taking a risk if you choose to play on these sites.

Remember if a bitcoin casino is offering bonus deals, promotions, or winning percentages that seem to good to be true, they most likely are. Bitcoin casinos are a business, and the point of a business is to try to make money. If the bitcoin casino you are interested in seems to be offering you a deal that would cost them money, it is a giant red flag. Being personally approached on a forum or any other venue is also a warning sign. Most bitcoin casinos are capable of paying for legitimate advertising to draw new players to their site. If someone approaches you with a deal to play on their site, and you cannot find any information about it online, then you are probably being scammed.

Finally you must think twice before taking a plunge in a bitcoin gambling site. Gambling with bitcoins is definitely advantageous, but keep in mind that there are always disadvantages that can pull you down. Never let yourself be a willing victim. Be knowledgeable and wise in choosing a Bitcoin gambling site.